Backup Management

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Step 1: Log in to your control panel. Learn how

Step 2: Navigate to the Order View.

Search the domain name for which you have purchased the CodeGuard order and select the domain to view the order information.Search Codeguard

Step 3: Backup Management.

Click Go to Codeguard Dashboard to access your dashboard.codeguard

i. View backups taken by CodeGuard

  1. In the CodeGuard dashboard, click on the website or the database link under My Sites.backup-choose-site/db

  2. In the website/database specific view that follows, click on the VIEW ALL link to view the backup history interface:view-all

    • The automatic backup schedule depends on the CodeGuard plan that you have purchased.

    • If your plan supports it, you can initiate an instant backup process by clicking the Run Backup Now.

  3. Click View Details corresponding to any backup to view the backup details:view-detailsbackup-details

  4. You can delete a website or database by navigating to the Actions drop-down menu and clicking Delete against the corresponding website or database.delete-backup

ii. Restore your data from a backup

  1. In the CodeGuard dashboard, click on the Restore tab to bring up the Restore interface:restore-backup-codeguard

  2. You can perform an automated test restore on your website to find out if CodeGuard can successfully write to your website, by clicking  Start Test Restore.start-test-restore

  3. Once the test restore process is completed, click View Test Restore Results to view the restoration details.

    view- restore-test-result

  4. Click Restore Options to view the restore options list or perform any one of the following actions:

    • Automatic Restore.
    • Download Zip.
    • Selective Restore.



  5. Here, you may choose one of the following restore options:


    Website Restore Options.


    Database Restore Options.



  6. Select one of the restore options to initiate the restore process. Once the backup process starts, you can view its progress.backup-summary