How do I apply for an SSL Certificate?

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After you purchase an SSL Certificate order, you will need to first complete a verification process with the Certificate Authority in order to get your final Certificate. Follow the steps below to apply for your certificate.

Apply for an SSL Certificate

Step 1:Log in to your control panel.Learn how

Step 2:Navigate to the Order View.

Search the domain name for which you have purchased the SSL order and select the domain to view the order information.

Step 3: Submit your certificate application.

  • In the Order View, click GET YOUR get your certificate
  • Enter your CSR and click NEXT. Instructions to generate a CSR can be found here.CSR
  • Proceed to the next step and select a verification method. Complete the domain verification to get the SSL Certificate. Learn more about verification methods.
  • To know how to install the SSL certificate on your web server, click here.
  • Ensure that Privacy Protection is disabled for the Domain Name.
  • An SSL Certificate will not be issued to a national or resident of the following countries:




    Côte d'Ivoire



    Iraq Iran



    North Korea

    Rwanda Sierra Leone

    South Sudan

    Sudan Syria Zimbabwe
  • or any other country where such use is prohibited under United States export regulations.
  • An SSL Certificate will also not be issued to anyone on the United States Treasury Department's list of Specially Designated Nationals or the United States Commerce Department's Table of Denial Orders.